Amelia House

Norwich City Centre, Norfolk


Reconfiguration and refurbishment of city centre apartment


Sylvaine Poitau

The original features of Amelia House, set in this old shoe factory in the heart of Norwich city centre, influenced the shapes used throughout this duplex penthouse. Stunning Victorian ironwork trusses and large arched factory windows were central to the inspiration.

To suit a 21st century lifestyle the whole apartment was stripped and reconfigured to suit our client’s requirements. Two bedrooms were combined to create a spacious master bedroom and hall cupboards were taken into the small en-suite shower room to create the luxury bathroom. Refurbishing the staircase ensured it blended well with the contemporary interior.

An essential entertaining space was created by removing a wall between the kitchen and dining room. The lighting scheme was carefully planned to enhance the architecture and create mood settings for both task and relaxation throughout.

Smooth reflective glass and metal surfaces are mixed with warm textures such as thick wool carpets and chunky fabrics to maintain a comfortable feel within a warehouse look.

The patterns in the designs are kept to a minimum by using textures which allow the artwork to take centre stage. Furnishings are a mix of new, refurbished pre-owned and mid-20th-century classics.

All furniture, fixtures, fittings and accessories were sourced specifically for the Amelia House project.