Park Farm Hotel

Hethersett, Norfolk


Decorative update of hotel communal spaces

At Park Farm Hotel they understand the importance of continually looking at the interior decoration and keeping the hotel stylish as well as functional.

Since 2017 we have continually worked with the owners and the team at The Construction Co to come up with creative ideas to improve all areas of the hotel.

As well as the large full design projects we have given other areas of the Norfolk family-owned hotel a new look while working with some existing pieces such as furniture or carpet.

Season’s restaurant was beautifully constructed a few years ago but the furniture needed replacing and the room lacked personality. Due to the changing restaurant trends, we selected tables in wood and marble that could be used without tablecloths. The practical metal banqueting chairs are stylishly upholstered in an eclectic selection of fabrics. The room now envelopes you with wallpaper between the chocolate brown panelling.

The adjoining Breakfast servery needed a full refurbishment as the layout wasn’t working for the flow of people collecting their buffet breakfast. We looked at the space and made more use of the perimeter and reorientated the island as well as making it smaller. The hot plates were clad to blend in with the cabinetry. We were able to adapt and reuse most of the existing cabinets but the finished look is very different.

The garden room again was a beautiful room that just needed some colour added to make the most of the architecturally pleasing space. A floral mural clads the columns accented by a coral paint and glass tables replaced wooden ones to give an airy feel.

The corridors throughout Park Farm Hotel have been revamped to give useful spaces that look in keeping with the rest of the hotel.