A close up of Kerwin's work and a picture of his recent Exhibition

Art in the home- Adding texture and colour to the walls with paintings

Art is an integral part of many of our schemes and can be a great way to add colour and texture as well as pattern into the home.

It is not just about the piece of Art that you choose, whether it be a painting, photograph, print or sculpture but how you choose to display it within the room.

Recently I visited the Accidentally Wes Anderson (AWA) photographic exhibition in London and was just as interested in the curation-  as I was in the photographs themselves!

‘Accidentally Wes Anderson’ is an adventurous journey around the world through photography covering 200 countries. You travel through a maze of themed rooms with photographs grouped by subject such as ‘Hotels’, ‘Doors’ and ‘sport’ instead of location. The size of the prints and the grouping style varies along with the wall colour or in some cases colours. There are objects in some of the rooms to tie the theme together too. Each time I entered a new room I got another wave of excitement as I was fully immersed into that subject. My eyes danced happily between the photographs and surroundings. I left feeling uplifted and  inspired.

Art galleries often have white walls and it is a common thought that by hanging art on a white wall will make sure it is the focal point but in my opinion it is the opposite. By putting a suitable colour behind artwork the layering adds depth to the room and the piece will really pop. This is also a way of pulling a particular colour out to suit the feel of the room.

With traditional landscapes I tend to use a Bone china blue as a subtle backdrop as it usually connect the sky or a green that connects the trees in all of the paintings. Modern art is a different matter and timid tones can make way for bold statement shades.

Personally, I am a great lover of pop art and how they highlight Iconic figures of their time in popular culture- Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy Onasis & Debbie Harry are great examples of this.

Recently I was introduced to the work of Kerwin Blackburn who creates hand painted music inspired pop art action paintings in a chaotic Jackson Pollock style. Not only can you buy the original paintings but he also sells canvas prints on his website By Kerwin

I have looked at Kerwin’s artwork and played with backdrop colours that they could look great displayed on and what pieces of furniture could be placed with them to give a different feel- There’s so many great colours used in each piece. They look great grouped together too, As you can see I have taken some inspiration from The AWA exhibition by adding a stripe to connect the Gallagher brothers!

It is amazing the effect that changing the surroundings has on a piece of Art and it is not just the backdrop. Choosing a good framer and the right frame for the picture and the room is important as is the lighting. Lighting really can make or break a room but that’s a whole other blog!

A great tip if you are not completely happy with something you have hanging on your walls is to consider what the problem is- The frame?  The backdrop? or it just working with other things in the room? It might be that you need something else of a similar style or colour added to the room to give rhythm and repetition.

If you are looking to organise your Artwork in your home or need help with what size or types of Art would work in your space it might just be the right time to book a Design Consultation with us!

To see some examples of how we have helped our clients display their art in their homes take a look at our portfolio

 ‘Accidentally Wes Anderson’ exhibition is currently on at 81-85 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington, London SW7 3LD

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